Life at Ardea

Our culture emphasizes working together in a supportive environment as we strive for excellence in the service of our clients. We seek to provide our employees an enjoyable work experience with the opportunity for significant and rapid professional development and growth, while finding balance and satisfaction in their personal lives.

Important tenets of our culture are trust, partnership, transparency, meritocracy, commitment, teamwork, wellness and community. Our culture attracts individuals who share these ideas and add new and diverse perspectives to the firm. By investing in our people and our communities, we believe we can deliver excellent results to clients, excel as a firm and have fun.


We’re Only As Good As Our Employees

We believe that a vibrant and inclusive culture is critical to the long-term success and contributions of our organization. We invest extensively in our people by providing regular partner-led training sessions tailored for our employees, important leadership opportunities for non-partners, and events to regularly bring the global employee base together. We also have various committees which insure that we are championing the important principles of diversity, equality + equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB), as well as employee wellbeing.

Our dedication to these important societal, cultural and developmental activities ensures that every team member has the opportunity to grow within Ardea, and importantly feels valued, respected and empowered to contribute. The collective commitment translates into more effective teamwork, better thinking, innovative solutions, and ultimately stronger partnership with one another and our clients.

Our dedicated committee for DEIB plays an active role in championing our core principles and ensuring they are integrated into all aspects of Ardea’s business including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, mentoring, reviews, and career progression.  The committee also drives a robust agenda of educational development sessions, volunteer opportunities, and ways for our employees to give back to our communities.  Additionally, we engage with our clients and industry professionals on a variety of DEIB topics, fostering a broader conversation and deeper understanding with our clients and our people.

DEI & Belonging

Ardea Cares

Our Ardea Cares program was established at the inception of the firm to provide a tangible mechanism
for supporting our communities and charitable causes around the globe. Ardea dedicates 2% of annual
revenue to charity. Each employee has individual discretion as to which organizations receive a portion of these funds. We believe this construct gives every employee the incentive and ability to directly support specific non-profit organizations. Since inception, Ardea employees have donated more than $12 million to hundreds of charities globally.

Community Involvement

We strongly encourage our employees to get involved with every organization to which they contribute through Ardea Cares. In addition, Ardea supports our communities through in-person volunteering and donation drives in the U.S. and Europe. Every year, we organize a dedicated Community Day where our team members come together to contribute their time and skills to local causes. Through these shared experiences, we not only strengthen the bond within our teams but also facilitate meaningful connections with the communities in which we operate.

Employee Wellbeing

We recognize that our employees are our greatest assets. We prioritize their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We are proud of our comprehensive benefits package and an annual wellness stipend provided to employees in support of individual wellness activities. We have also embraced a work from home policy that balances the productivity and learning benefits of being together in the office with the personal flexibility afforded by work from home. The Ardea Wellness Committee regularly reviews our approach and makes recommendations for new services, events and educational opportunities.

Working at Ardea

Growing Through Education, Interaction & Apprenticeship

At Ardea, we offer more than just a job; we provide an opportunity for personal and professional growth through education, interaction, and apprenticeship. Ardea team members have direct access to leadership. Our deal teams are relatively small and structured to provide immediate, high-impact engagement on dynamic transactions for each team member. We emphasize training and development in an environment where all employees—regardless of position—are treated like partners. We believe in empowering our employees to reach their full potential and thrive in their careers.

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How Do We Define DEIB?


We represent multiple cultures, identities, and life experiences, which is critical to ensuring multiple perspectives and approaches across our team, and will ultimately drive our success.

Equality + Equity

We will employ processes and procedures that:

  • are transparent, impartial and fair for all our existing and new team members
  • support equal opportunities and incentives for everyone
  • provide appropriate individualized resources and support for all team members to succeed


We will establish an environment where our team members feel comfortable, respected and supported by one another.


We will foster a culture where our employees feel accepted and welcomed, are able to establish and maintain positive connections and continuously feel engaged and valued.

Ardea DEIB Principles

To support our long-term focus on diversity, equality + equity, inclusion and belonging we have developed the following guiding principles for our team. We will all strive to uphold these objectives to continue to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive firm.

Invest in a ‘Culture-Add’ Mindset

We are committed to sourcing, developing and supporting a diverse array of people to be considered for all potential hires and promotions into any position at the firm.

  • We will always think creatively and expansively about where we can find diverse candidates and will invest in exploring and building new sources of diversity.
  • Every employee will be given the opportunity to request and receive specific training that is individual to their needs.
  • We will embrace new and added perspectives of new hires to ensure they feel valued and welcome in our community.

Invest in an Equitable & Objective Review Process

Our evaluation process for progression and promotion will support our culture of meritocracy and strive to create fairness across the full spectrum of our diverse team.

  • We will regularly and consistently evaluate the fairness of our decisions and decision-making process for all our team members.
  • Our evaluations and reviews will be discussed and vetted with multiple people to make sure we are the beneficiary of a diverse array of inputs and perspectives.
  • We aim to be transparent with our evaluation process and the related decisions.

Invest in the Development of Our Employees

We will build a culture that creates an inclusive and welcoming environment and provides support and mentorship for every individual who joins the firm.

  • Every new employee at the firm will be provided with an individual or group of individuals that will be a point of contact to understand and discuss company values and broader opportunities to get involved in committees and events at Ardea.
  • We will provide opportunities for individuals to come together within their communities—or as allies –to learn, celebrate, and support our colleagues. We will create forums that may include but are not limited to presentations at firm wide meetings, guest speaker sessions, firm sponsored training sessions and firm sponsored DEI themed social events. We understand that this is just as much about being accepted as it is about being heard.

Invest in Our Communities

We will provide opportunities to participate in local volunteer programs and offer financial backing through Ardea Cares for every employee to individually recognize and support charitable organizations that are important to them.

  • Participation at office-wide volunteer programs is strongly encouraged to increase our physical presence in local communities and to support causes that matter to our employees.
  • Gifts are given solely at the employee’s discretion.
  • Ardea gladly attaches its name to every Ardea Cares funded gift.